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Jeong. Jun – Gwon

1970 Born in Seoul, Korea

1991 Admitted to the department of painting, Hansung University

(B.F.A course ; major in western painting(s))

1997 Graduate from Hansung University (B.F.A)

Admitted to M.F.A course in Hansung University

2001 Currently graduate student of Hansung University

Private Exhibition

2011 ‘Ganghwa-do’ pop art factory. Seoul. Korea

2010 ‘World and land’ Gallery Aquad 9. Seoul. Korea

2008 ‘A fine apple’ ’Gallery shanti‘. 60 Gahoe-dong. Jongno-gu. Seoul. Korea

2004 ‘Fruits and vegetables’ . Pool Gallery – Alternative space. Seoul. Korea

2001 ‘Go-around’  Insa art space. Seoul. Korea

2000 ‘Go-around’  Pool Gallery. – Alternative space. Seoul, Korea

Group Exhibition


‘Art and cook’.  Sejong center for the perfoming arts museum. Seoul. Korea

‘Conceptscape/perceptscape.  Kunstdoc Gallery. Seoul. Korea

‘Hey’.  Art pactory.  Gyeonggido.  Heyri.  Korea

‘JJack’.  A&D Gallery. Seoul. Korea

‘Everything is repeated’.  JHGallery.  Seoul.  Korea


‘Strange apple’.  Hellow museum.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Everything is repeated’.  Gallery cosa.  Seoul.  Korea

‘AWAKEYE’.  Yellow Elephant.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Preview 展’.  Alternative space Team preview.  Seoul.  Korea


‘The magic of photography’. The museum of photography.  Seoul.  Korea

‘The 4 Different Ways’.  Guardian garden.  Tokyo.  Japan

‘Transformation in Art ‘.  Savina museum.  Seoul.  Korea

‘A-ha’.  Gallerygodo.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Jahajachan’.  Department  shinsegae.  Seoul.  Korea


‘ Air Project’ Nanji art studio.  Seoul.  Korea

‘KOREAN YOUNG ARTISTS 2: Photography – METAFICTION’.  Doosan artcenter.  Seoul.  Korea


‘Consensus of art and mathematicsⅡ’.  Savinamuseum. Seoul, Korea

‘Hybrid P&P’.  Gallery zandari.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Fabrication’.  Gallery phos.  Seoul.  Korea


‘Dong gang photography festival’.  Donggang photo museum.  Gangwondo.  Korea


‘Blinking’.  topohaus.  Seoul.  Korea

‘ Visible or invisible’.  Seoul museum art.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Portfolio’.  Seoul museum art.  Seoul.  Korea


‘Sight on cities ‘.  Pool Gallery – Alternative space.  Seoul.  Korea

‘From north’.  Space129.  Daegu.  korea


‘Charity-present’.  Ssamzie space.  Seoul.  Korea

‘People walking on the water-cheonggyecheon project’.  Seoul museum of Art.  Seoul.  korea

‘JJok’.  Guanhoon gallery.  Seoul.  korea

‘New/Frontier’.  Daegu culture and arts center. Daegu.  Korea


‘Photo Criticism award’.  Gallery Park.  Seoul.  Korea

‘2002 New Face'(Monthly magazine Art in Culture).  ‘Total museum’.  Changheung  Kyonggido.  Korea

‘Landscape from Photography Photography from Landscape’.  Korea culture & Arts Foundation.  Seoul.  Korea


‘Natuare interpretation of 10- artist’.  Dukwon gallery.  Seoul.  Korea


‘Holiday’.  Chohung Bank Gallery.  Seoul.  Korea


‘Different Persons’.  Sung Kok Art museum.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Echon Factory Fine Art Festival’.  Echon Factory.  Echon.  Kyonggido.  korea

‘The Painting Exhibition of Hansung University’.  Sukyung Gallery.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Polyphony’.  Pool Gallery – Alternative space.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Polyphony’.  Insa Gallery.  Seoul.  Korea


‘The New Generation  Tendancy in Korea Contemporary Art( Art : Frame or Time – From Photography)’.  Korea culture & Arts Foundation.  Seoul.  Korea

‘A bus transferred five times’.  Indeco Gallary.  Seoul.  Korea

‘f/in.out’.  Cafe’ BIRD.  Seoul.  Korea

‘The pictorial exchange between Hansung University and Kyungwon University’.  Kyungwon University.  Sungnam.  Kyonggido


‘A bus transferred five time’  Cafe’  BIRD.  Seoul.  Korea

‘A bus transferred five times’.  In the Gallery.  Yangpyung.  Kyonggido.  Korea

‘Polyphony’.  21C Gallery.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Polyphony’.  Boda Gallery.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Imaginary Space’.  Doal art town.  Seoul.  Korea

’97 New – Form’.  Yoon Gallery.  Seoul.  Korea

‘CH1st’.  Woochon gallery.  Seoul.  Korea


‘Material & Message’.  Woochon gallery.  Seoul.  Korea

‘Terevijyun (It isthe same meaning of  ‘TV’ or ‘Television’ expressed in Korean style).  Junggye City Library.  Seoul.  Korea


2001 Insa Art Space A Leverage for Emerging Artists

2002 ‘The 2nd sajin Bipyong Award’ Timespace/Seoul

‘New face 2002’ (Monthly magazine Art In Culture Award)

Residency Program

2007 Nanji Creative Studio/Seoul


2006 Young Korean Artist45 : Interviews (da Vinci Gift)

Adress : 66-3 1FHaengjunae-dong, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, 412-230, Republic of Korea

Telephone : +82 – (0)10 – 2328 – 2470 (Cp)

E – mail

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